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I.C.E Hand Ice Chipper Storage Rack

Blue Diamond Equipment Innovations was asked to come up with a wall mount storage rack for a competitor’s ice chipper. The blue “T” handle ice chipper made by I.C.E. has a unique design feature that evenly distributes the forces to use it over both of the operator’s arms. This same design makes it difficult to store properly when not in use. If hung on the wall with the arms out, the sharp blade is also exposed to injure anyone who accidently happens to come in contact with it when passing by. Blue Diamond Equipment Innovations came up with a unique storage bracket that makes it easy to place or remove the ice chipper and also keeps the blade facing the wall where it cannot injure anyone who comes in contact with it. The storage rack also keeps the sharp blade suspended above the floor which prevents the blade from being dulled if being placed on a concrete floor and reduces the amount of rust that can accumulate on the blade if it gets stored upon a concrete floor, rubber mat, or block of wood. Ice staining is greatly minimized and injuries caused by trying to clean a dirty but sharp chipper blade are eliminated.


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