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Welcome to Blue Diamond Equipment Innovations Inc.

Blue Diamond Equipment Innovations Inc. (BDE Innovations) is a company with over 25 years of experience in many different areas of construction and building management to help make daily operations and activities easier for those involved. Designing and constructing specialised, yet simple, equipment is one of the key aspects of BDE Innovations activities. With experience in various aspects of exterior and interior carpentry, skid steer loader operation, concrete, landscaping, welding and fabrication, BDE Innovations has built a wealth of “hands on” experience to gain the knowledge needed to understand customer’s needs when it comes to solving issues that interfere with their daily operations. Simply put, if a building maintenance issue arises that cannot be easily and properly addressed, BDE Innovations has the ability to design a solution that will resolve the issue, look professional, be aesthetically pleasing, and provide years of safe and trouble free service.

Our Vision

Blue Diamond Innovations, Inc.’s vision is to be the leading source for all your facilities maintenance, welding fabrication, and design solution needs. We always provide value added solutions at the best possible prices. We earn our customers’ trust and build partnerships to meet their unique needs. We thrive on challenging projects and strive for excellence. We want to be recognized and the partner of choice for all your facility operations needs.

Core Values


Quality is best measured with a view outward to the customer, inward to employees, and cross functionally within the organisation. At Blue Diamond, it denotes a commitment to excellence and superior outcomes, and is reflected in our products, services, employees, and business practices.

Honesty and Integrity

At Blue Diamond, we say what we mean and do what we say.  We act with unconditional honesty, respect, and courtesy at all times.

Innovation and Continuous Improvement

We drive change and challenge the status quo to exceed our customers’ expectations.  We reflect on everything we do and improve every day.

Can-Do Attitude

Our goal is to foster a culture of “Can Do attitudes” where we will always give it our best effort before we say it can’t be done.

Customer Relationship

Above all, by holding true to our core values and through devoted customer appreciation and respect, we will earn our customers trust, and thereby develop the long standing business relationships that are the heart of our company development.

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