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Adjustable and Expandable Tool Storage Rail System

Storage of maintenance tools is always an issue with most facilities. Getting mops to drain and dry properly, floor dust mops, brooms, and snow shovels stored properly and not leaning against walls everywhere creating hazards are health and safety issues. Blue Diamond Equipment Innovations has come up with a storage system for these items that is industrial grade strong, very easy to use, and can be modified or changed to match the maintenance tool requirements. The BDE tool rail system utilizes a base and cap rail system that allows the tool rail to be both adjustable and interchangeable to match the tools. Loosening a single bolt allows tool storage devices to be moved or removed and replaced when needed. A very strong and positive clamp device holds the heaviest of wet cleaning mops or extra large floor dust mops and does not let them slide down. Best of all, simply lift the mop handle up ¼” on the clamp device and the handle is completely released ready for use. Various types and sizes of tool hanging or holding devices available. Custom storage devices can be discussed and ordered to match a customer’s request. Standard base rails are attached to walls or self- supporting base rail stands are also available. Textured black powder coat finish.


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