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“Door Tamer” Door Stop

The “Door Tamer” heavy duty industrial grade floor mounted door stop was developed after countless repairs completed to damaged door frames, door closure assemblies, and fatigued doors caused by continued use after existing door stops either failed, were not tall enough to contact existing door, or were detached from the floor surface they were mounted on.

The “Door Tamer” door stop base is constructed from 6mm (.250”) thick 304 stainless steel. The rubber bumper used to absorb and cushion the shock of the door contact is made of urethane rubber that can withstand an enormous impact yet be soft enough not to damage or mark the door. The entire assembly is fastened to a concrete floor with a 3/8” x 2 ¼” stainless steel wedge anchor bolt, (3/8” x 2” lag bolt for wood floors).

The rubber bumper can be mounted solely by itself on a wall and makes a very durable wall mount door stop or door handle protector.

There is also an “extended height” version of the door stop that is 2 inches (50mm) higher than the standard model which can be used where a door is mounted with additional space under the door or if the door opens over a sloping floor.

The “Door Tamer” door stop bumper comes in a variety of colors. These colors include: high visibility yellow, high visibility red, black, and grey.

The rounded design of the “Door Tamer” door stop base and the over sized rubber bumper compared to the metal floor mount base it attaches to are two safety features that greatly minimize injury in the event that the door stop is accidentally fallen upon.

The “Door Tamer” door stop is virtually indestructible! It can take a force far beyond normal circumstances to dislodge this door stop from the floor it is mounted on or bend the metal from which the base is constructed. Pulling out or shearing the anchor bolt is basically impossible even under extreme circumstances.


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