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Extension Ladder and Extra Large Step Ladder Storage Hooks

There are extension ladders and large tall step ladders located somewhere in every facility. Storing these two large types of ladders on the floor creates an undesirable walk and work area. Standing them upright on a wall requires two people to stand up and take down either of these ladders and these ladders are also prone to be easily knocked over. Many storage hooks on the market today are just not strong enough to handle the weight of each of these large size ladders and having these ladders being taken off and tossed back on the storage hooks on a daily basis. Blue Diamond Equipment Innovations has designed a heavy-duty extension ladder and large step ladder storage hook that can will easily handle the weight of an extension ladder or a large tall step ladder. Each storage hook has an over-sized mount plate with 6 holes to allow multiple fasteners to attach each hook to a wall. The storage hooks come in two sizes. 7” (175mm) deep storage hooks for extension ladders and step ladders up to 14ft. 9” (225mm) deep storage hooks to hold 16ft and larger step ladders. Ladders can be easily placed horizontally on these storage hooks by an individual when not in use. Welded steel construction with powder coat paint finish.


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