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Heavy Duty Wall Mount Hose Hangar

The Blue Diamond Equipment Innovations heavy duty hose hanger was developed after countless repairs to existing hose hangers that were either bent or hanging loosely by its anchors, especially when attached to concrete block walls. The two main faults of the majority of hose hangers available today are light duty construction (designed for residential occasional use, not commercial everyday use!) and that they usually attach to the wall using two individual anchors on a “U” shaped piece of metal. There is a very small amount of the actual hanger unit that makes contact with the wall. The Blue Diamond Equipment Innovations industrial grade hose hanger is made of 11 gauge carbon steel with a powder coat finish. It was designed mainly to be used to manage the 1 ½” (38mm) rubber hose used to fill ice resurfacing equipment in sports arenas and also for use in industrial equipment wash bays. The hose hanger can be mounted to several varieties of walls including concrete block with the assurance that the hose hanger will not become loose and provide years of trouble free use. The hose hanger has a 12” (305mm) x 12” (305mm) mount area with 6 individual holes that sits flat against the wall surface to provide numerous anchor sites and not “wobble” once installed and used multiple times. Its robust construction allows heavy 1½” (38mm) rubber hose to be hung repeatedly on it without the hose hanger bending or working loose off the wall. The hose hanger comes in two sizes. The small version can handle 50ft (33m) of 1” (25mm) outside diameter hose. The large version can accommodate 100ft (33m) of 1” (25mm) or 50ft of 1 ½” (38mm) diameter hose.


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