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Lane Rope Storage Rail

The design of swimming pool lane ropes creates storage issues when managing them. They require a very large hook to handle their bulky shape and care must be given to the attach springs on each end of the rope. The springs must be easily found when moving the lane ropes so a loose dangling spring does not scratch or cut the individual moving them. If left in a pile or container, the springs always catch something and tangle the entire group. Blue Diamond Equipment Innovations has developed a storage rail that address the issues just stated. The rail has the capability and capacity to individually store multiple lane ropes of great lengths (or groups of smaller length ropes) and keep the attach springs ends in clear sight and accessibility) The springs are grasped first and then the remainder of the rope is removed from the storage hangar. Hangars come in a unit size of 56” long with 4 individual hangars on each rail. Metal construction with a primer/paint finish to withstand an aquatic environment.


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