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Outdoor Shed Security Bar

Facilities always require additional space to store their equipment and supplies. Outdoor sheds are more visibly pleasing when compared to sea can containers. The common issue with outdoor sheds is that they are more prone to getting broken into by thieves because there is no durable locking system available for the door or double doors on the shed. Blue Diamond Equipment Innovations was asked to come up with a solution to help combat the constant break ins which either resulted is stolen equipment or inventory and, usually, badly damaged shed doors. The overlapping flat bar runs the total height of the door and will not bend or break by someone prying on it. The two extra heavy duty lockable slide bars cannot be broken off with a hammer and keep the doors latched together. The entire security bar and slide bar receivers are all secured to the doors with through bolts and lock nuts. The security bar can never be worked loose because of this mounting feature. Because of this extra heavy duty construction, thieves often don’t bother trying to get into the shed as this security bar presents a difficult and time consuming security feature they must get by to break in. They usually move on looking for “an easier target” that would require less effort and time to open. All steel construction with a powder coat finish.


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