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Plant Facility Hose Hangars

Majority of plant layouts today require a numerous amount of hoses to be utilized each day in their production operations. Constant handling of these hoses along with multiple hoses required to be stored together because of space restrictions requires a hose hangar that will hold up to these requirements. Multiple installation options are also required to match the area where the hose hangars are to be installed. Blue Diamond Equipment Innovations was asked to come up with a custom sized hose hangar that would work in these situations and provide years of trouble free service without breaking down. BDE Innovations already had a heavy duty hose hangar designed and built that was being used to hold heavy rubber hoses in wash bays and indoor ice rinks. This design only needed to be enlarged to handle the bigger industrial applications required by production facilities. These plant facility hose hangars come in a variety of configurations for different installation situations.

Standard wall mount units that can be welded to existing column posts. These "weld on" units come with no mounting holes.

Wall mount units with mounting holes than can be pinned to a concrete block wall. 6 mounting holes provide numerous attach points for each hose hangar that will not come loose after installation.

The wall mount units with mounting holes can also be combined with a backerboard that is the same size as the back plate on the hose hangar. For wall mount applications that require the hose hangar to be installed on a prefabricated wall panel that consists of a insulation sheet with thin wall cladding cover on both sides, this backerboard is placed on the opposite side of the wall where the hose hangar is to be located, then the hose hangar and backerboard are joined together with 6 - 1/4" diameter threaded rods. These threaded rods are bolted together and "sandwich" the wall between them. The hose hangar will never get loose or "tear" away from the wall with this type of installation.

For open areas that do not present a wall space to install a wall mount unit, there are pedestal mount units for this application. These pedestal mount units are available in single or double hose hangar units. They can be secured into a concrete floor with wedge bolt anchors or secured to bar grating with custom bar grating mount clamps (also available from BDE Innovations) if the pedestal mount hose hangar requires to be located on this type of floor or walkway surface.

Blue Diamond Equipment Innovations has also developed a "H" beam cross member arm and clamp system that can be added to a regular weld on wall unit that allows the hangar to be hung down from this cross member if these cross members are located in front of the prefabricated wall panels where the hose hangar needs to be installed.

A final installation option for these hose hangars are that they can be mounted in conjunction with the Blue Diamond Equipment Innovations adjustable and expandable tool rail system. A cap rail is welded onto the backside of the backplate and mounted onto a section of base rail which is mounted to a wall. This type of installation allows for the hangar to be easily moved or relocated along the base rail after it has been installed to better arrange the items being utilized on the base rail. (Please refer to the "Adjustable and Expandable Tool Rail Storage System" item listing for more information on this product)


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