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Backpack Sprayer Storage Rack

In ice rink facilities, multiple backpack sprayers are used when ice is being made to help spray a uniform white coating and to secure lines and logos to the ice when installing. The rest of the season, the backpack sprayers are being tossed around in storage, resulting in damaged or broken parts which are not noticed until the backpack sprayer is needed for their intended use the next season. Trying to store a group of back pack sprayers without accidental damage can prove to be quite the challenge never mind the storage space the units take! Blue Diamond Equipment Innovations has designed a simple storage box that mounts to the wall and can store multiple sprayers units out of the way. Pump handles can be removed and placed with sprayer tank in the storage rack. Spray wands clip to front of the storage box, neatly and securely, out of the way. Unit shown in picture was mounted 8ft up a wall to utilize area under storage box for other storage requirements.\


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