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Header Trench Cover Panel System

Warped or rotten planking covering old header trenches is part of the ageing process of many ice rink facilities. More and more today, these facilities are using powered floor scrubbers to clean their floors and scissor lifts to maintain their facility. These units need to safety cross these header trenches to get to their required job. Routine maintenance requires removing these trench covers to access, inspect, or repair the piping within these trenches. Often, entire header trench cover systems have to be removed to access any portion of them. Sometimes the covers are large, heavy, and clumsy to lift out of place creating the concern of a heavy cover panel falling on the piping below resulting in excessive damage and costly repairs. Blue Diamond Equipment Innovations has come up with a frame and panel design that covers the header trench, has individual panel removal for easy inspection of, or access to, trench components (panels weigh approximately 10 lbs each), and is strong enough to support the weight of a floor scrubber or scissor lift when driven over. The covers consist of a two-place angle iron frame, 2 - 1 ½” plywood panel inserts, flush mount d-ring pull on each door, and Styrofoam liner on bottom of each panel to insulate panel cover and reduce frost build up on top side of panels.


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