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Boat Lift and Walkway Support Mat

Installing your boat lift and walkways can be a very strenuous task to complete if you are dealing with deep, soft mud on your lake bottom. This mud is almost impossible to move in never mind trying to carry something heavy over it. Blue Diamond Equipment Innovations has built a support mat that, once placed on the bottom of the lake, provides a surface that can easily be walked upon, will support the weight of your boat lift and walkways, and not allow your legs, your boat lift legs, or your walkway legs to sink deeply into the soft lake bottom mud. The mat is constructed of the most updated materials that provide exceptional strength and tear resistance. A rebar perimeter frame keeps the mat stretched out to its original size to maintain maximum support. When used in conjunction with the “boat lift install and removal cart” (also offered by Blue Diamond Equipment Innovations), installing and removing your boat lift and walkways becomes a much more enjoyable task rather than a job that is not looked forward to by those involved.


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