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Boat Lift Install and Removal Cart

Installing your boat lift at the beginning of the season and then removing it at the end of the season is a task that is not enjoyed by many. Add to it a muddy lake bottom and the install involves many others to help get the lift into position and strong powerful winches to help retrieve the sunken boat lifts out of the mud. Many times, these boat lifts are bent and damaged trying to move them. Personal injury to those involved in this task is also a concern. Blue Diamond Equipment Innovations has constructed an install and removal cart that supports the boat lift on the shore, immediately floats with the boat lift once in the water, then can be positioned exactly where the boat lift is to be placed for the season. Once in position, the boat lift can be lowered to the lake bottom…..or can be lifted again to adjust boat lift legs to the proper length. One person can usually perform this task but having an additional hand makes positioning the lift easy. When used with the “boat lift and walkway support mat” (also constructed and sold by Blue Diamond Equipment Innovations), this install and removal job requires minimal time and effort to complete and helps to reduce injuries and muscle strains caused by these activities.


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