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Ice Resurfacer Spare Blade Storage Rack

This storage stand was developed to maintain and store the additional ice resurfacer blades in a ice rink facility. Leaning them up against the wall opens the opportunity for the group of them to be accidentally knocked over during daily activities or while trying to search for a replacement, sharp blade. Injuries caused by this accidental movement are also a concern. The Blue Diamond Equipment Innovations ice resurfacer spare blade rack is designed to easily maintain a group of blades in individual compartments so only one blade is managed at a time without the risk of causing the remaining group to be accidentally knocked over. An upper storage arm with dividers, safety chain with center catch, and end “drop in” pins helps secure individual blades in the rack. A base perimeter ring protects against accidental movement of blades which would pull blades out of upper storage arm. Powder coat finish on all pieces.


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