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“Shooter Tutor” Storage Hangar

Blue Diamond Equipment Innovations was asked to come up with an idea to solve the issue of facility operators constantly being asked during their busy daily activities to find and provide supplied shooting mats for team practices. These mats were usually stored in a pile on the floor in a corner somewhere in the facility. Shooting mat attaching ropes would get tangled on these mats, mats would get damaged, or someone would get injured by a metal hook on an elastic style attaching rope that got caught and then came loose from something in the messy pile. The Blue Diamond Equipment Innovations storage hangar was developed to neatly store goal net shooting mats individually on the wall. The hangar can be installed on a wall near an entrance onto the rink surface for easy availability when needed. There are no sharp corners to damage mats or the individuals accessing them. The standard storage hangar is designed to store two mats but can be custom built to store as many mats as required.


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