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“Net Cart” Hockey and Lacrosse Net Mover

Blue Diamond Equipment Innovations ongoing commitment to resolving daily activity problems resulted in the development of the “Net Cart” hockey and lacrosse net moving system. This net mover was designed and built after concerns were raised that hockey and lacrosse nets were difficult to transport to and from the playing surface on which they were used. In most cases, a single individual was in charge of making sure the right net was to be ready for the group who was using the playing surface. This is a tiresome and time consuming job as there are usually 1 or 2 different hockey nets and 3 different sizes of lacrosse nets, in sets of 2, used in a playing surface in each facility. There was also much concern over the personal welfare of these individuals that were moving these various nets due to strained arm, leg, back, and neck muscles experienced while performing their tasks. Damage to nets and floors caused by dragging these nets over concrete floor surfaces was also a huge concern. The “Net Cart” net moving system was established to overcome all of the transporting issues and also address the area of personal safety and well being for those involved with these activities.

The “Net Cart” net moving system is able to turn net transport and change out into a fairly enjoyable task. One only has to tilt the net forward to get the mover under the frame. Once the mover is under the net, the net can be rested back onto the net mover frame. With the wheels locked to eliminate movement, the remainder of the net frame is slid onto the Net Cart net mover. Corner posts can then be lifted and placed on transport stubs or in the case of flat bar bottom lacrosse nets slid into a crossbar receiver. With the net now completely resting on the Net Cart net mover, the brakes on the wheels are unlocked and the net can be pushed to wherever it is required. High quality, large rubber wheel swivel castors make moving the net almost effortless.

The Net Cart net mover also has the ability to transport the net being moved over a large step or items that could interfere with where the net is required to be moved. A “J” hook assembly allows the individual transporting the net to lift the net and net mover, one corner at a time, over items that would otherwise be too large to roll over by the wheels themselves. This “J” hook assembly allows the individual to complete this lifting while maintaining a straight upright position, thus, greatly reducing the chance of back injury.

Another benefit of the Net Cart net moving system is that it eliminates the need to staff only strong bodied individuals or have two individuals staffed for net management. One person is able to load, move, and unload a net in a portion of the time it would take two individuals to carry and complete the net relocating. This task can also be completed using relatively little energy using the Net Cart net moving system as compared to carrying the designated nets to their respective positions.


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