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"Pinch Blocker” Hand Guard

The “Pinch Blocker” handle guard was developed after requests were received to eliminate injuries encountered while opening and closing access doors to ice arena surfaces for equipment. To open and close one of these gates, one has to slide, usually two metal square tube rails, each, with a metal grab handle, through a series of receivers for the rail. Individuals were injuring their hands when they pinched them between the base of the metal grab handle and the receivers. Many of these injuries require medical attention and lost work time.

Blue Diamond Equipment Innovations realized that some type of guard system had to be developed to eliminate this reoccurring problem. It had to be indestructible, not interfere with the required movement of the metal rail, and be easy to install with minimal tools. The “Pinch Blocker” handle guard was the product developed to combat this issue.

The “Pinch Blocker” handle guard was specifically designed to fit over existing handles and attach using 6 self tapping screws. It easily fits over existing 2 inch slide rails and all that is required to fasten is a drill and nut driver bit to fit the head of self tapping screws. Center guard over handle, drill in self tapping screws, and unit is ready for operation. No more pinched hands!

“Pinch Blocker” handle guard standard model is designed to fit over a 4” wide handle attached to 2” square tubing. Customs sizes can be made upon request.


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