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Ice Resurfacer Access Door Threshold Mount Plate

During consultation with arena supervisors, Blue Diamond Equipment Innovations was asked to come up a solution to a recurring problem. The threshold and rink board area under the threshold of the access door where the ice resurfacer enters and exits the ice surface would continuously work loose. This issue was a result of the ice resurfacer repeatedly crossing this area each day the ice surface was in use. Blue Diamond Equipment Innovations Inc. came up with a custom threshold mount plate to address this problem. The mount plate consists of a galvanized metal plate that is custom cut to fit the profile of the existing threshold and access gates. A front plate is welded perpendicular to this top plate and serves as a mount plate for the rink board under the threshold. The entire unit is set into the concrete and, when completed, the finished top edge of the new threshold matches the surrounding concrete. The front plate rink board edge is in line with the rest of the rink boards as well. Both the threshold and the front rink board are held in place by 3/8” flathead bolts instead of the usual #10 wood screws and plastic anchors. Both the threshold and rink board, once bolted to the mount plate, can handle multiple passes over them with the ice resurfacer and never work loose. Replacement of the threshold is easy as well, just remove the flathead bolts, take out the worn threshold, and bolt back on a new threshold plate.


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