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Zamboni Ice Resurfacer Transport Blade and Auger Guard

Routine maintenance, breakdown, or emergency replacement require Zamboni ice resurfacer units to be transported to wherever required. During the loading and unloading of the Zamboni unit on and off the transport truck, there is always the possibility that the blade or the auger on the conditioner unit may contact the road surface and become damaged, bent, or taken out of balance. This road contact with the blade or auger of the conditioner unit usually results in the conditioner operating out of balance or a very costly repair bill to replace damaged parts. Blue Diamond Equipment Innovations has developed a guard system that is fitted under the conditioner unit and protects these two areas. The guard is lightweight (47lbs), easy to move into position, and is held in place with two custom made rachet straps. The frame of the guard is covered with arena board to give added protection. It provides an additional layer of protection when moving an ice resurfacer unit between facilities. A small separate wheeled cart helps to get the guard into the proper position under the conditioner. Rachet straps are anchored to the gusset plates on the conditioner using custom designed wedge blocks so there is no risk of damaging existing piping on the conditioner.


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