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Zamboni Snow Dump Pit Ledge

Many snow dump pits within ice arenas are built with straight walls. A common problem is that the ice resurfacing machine is not able to get close enough against the snow pit wall to completely empty all of its accumulated snow into the pit. Getting too close and contacting the concrete wall of the snow dump pit with the ice resurfacing machine often damages the ice resurfacer. A certain portion of the dumped snow must then be later shoveled into the pit or left on the floor to melt. This spilt snow is both messy and a slip hazard. Blue Diamond Equipment Innovations has developed a system to virtually eliminate the problems associated with this task. A series of rubber bumpers are installed on the snow dump pit wall that line up with the bumper of the ice resurfacing machine. A metal ledge is placed over the top edge of the existing snow dump pit wall. This ledge is attached to the concrete dump pit wall by means of adjustable metal angle irons. These adjustable metal pieces allow the ledge to be adjusted to the proper height required to match the pit wall with the ice resurfacing machine. The ledge can also be adjusted to extend out or be retracted in as not to contact the resurfacer. A rubber strip extends past the metal ledge which can be contacted by the ice resurfacing machine, does not damage the unit, and does not allow snow to fall between the resurfacer and the metal ledge. Now the operator can gently drive up to the snow pit wall without fear of damaging the ice resurfacing machine and be able to dump the entire contents of the machine into the pit.


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