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Projector Screen Assembly Transporter

This transporter was developed after concerns were made about damage to the projector screen when moved around a facility and possible injury to the individual person moving the projector screen assembly during this transporting. Added difficulty was experienced trying to move the projector screen assembly through a doorway equipped with a closure device on it.

The transporter was designed to allow one person to effortlessly move a projector screen assembly within a facility where needed. It eliminates the need for two people to move the projector assembly. It allows the individual to move the entire assembly in one trip. The transporter greatly minimizing the possibility of damaging the projector screen assembly when transporting, especially when passing through doorways. The unit also reduces the risk of injury to the operator during this duty. Welded steel frame with powder coat finish. High quality caster wheels (like the ones used on medical equipment) are part of the unit’s construction and make moving this transporter almost effortless.


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