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Exit Door or Double Door "Draft Stopper" Threshold

Often facility exit doors have issues with cold weather drafts in winter or bugs and small rodents, during the warm weather months, getting under these door(s) into the building. On many occasions the concrete sidewalk or landing outside these doors is constantly being lifted in winter because of frost. Once the sidewalk or landing goes back down in spring, a large gap is left under the door(s). Using door sweeps to cover this gap only leads to the door(s) not closing in winter when the concrete rises again. Major safety issues arise when these doors cannot be opened in the event of an emergency. Cold drafts coming under the door(s) makes for uncomfortable temperature areas within the room where these exit door(s) are located. Bugs and small rodents able to crawl under the doors create numerous additional problems. Blue Diamond Equipment Innovations has designed an aluminum doorway threshold that allows the bottom of the door(s) to rest against a raised portion of this threshold when the door(s) are closed. All that is needed to completely seal the bottom of the door(s) against this threshold is a thin strip of foam installed on the bottom edge face of the door(s) where it will contact the threshold. This threshold works especially well to seal the middle space between double doors at the bottom of the doors when there is no centre post between the doors. Stripes of safety yellow/black grip tape are installed on the top side of the threshold to alert individuals using the exit doors that there is a threshold to step over and also reduce the chance of slipping on the smooth aluminum surface of the threshold. Thresholds can be made to fit whatever door opening width is required.


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