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Plexi and Tempered Glass Panel Storage Stand

Additional panels of plexiglass and tempered glass are required where there is a ice rink located in the event that an existing panel of material in the ice rink gets broken. Having a pile of extra plexiglass or tempered glass panels stacked against a wall is a very inefficient way to store and maintain this additional inventory. Knowing what size of panel is within this stack of extra panels and being able to access a panel that is buried under other panels is almost impossible and, relatively, a dangerous task for an individual to try to remove if needed. These plexiglass and tempered glass panels are both heavy and awkward to handle so trying to move multiple panels opens the opportunity for the entire stack to fall over causing damage to many panels. The other, more serious issue, is that the multiple panels could possibly trap the individual under them when trying to move these panels and seriously injure that individual. Blue Diamond Equipment Innovations was asked to come up with a design that would allow a single operator to safely move this stack of panels to see if the correct sized panel is in stock and be able to remove the panel from this inventory stack and be able to place the panel on a transport cart to be taken where it is required. The storage stand designed and built by Blue Diamond Equipment Innovations has multiple features that allow a single person to inspect, move, and load an individual panel in a very safe manner. The stand has a capacity of up to 20 individual panels. The combined weight of these panels would be thousands of pounds making it impossible for an individual to move by themselves. The storage stand is divided into three individual separate sections which divides the the combined weight of all the panels making them much easier to move. The sections are also hinged together and anchored to the wall. This anchor point to the wall is also hinged. This hinge design allows the individual sections to be moved without the risk of the entire section falling over. Good quality, proper weight rated swivel casters are installed under each section to allow for easy movement. When loading or unloading panels from the storage stand, the individual sections can be pivoted away from the wall making it easier to slide new panels into the storage stand or positioning a transport cart to be perfectly lined up when a individual panel is required to be slide out of the storage stand onto a transport cart. These tasks can be performed by one person without the worry of any other panels on the storage stand moving or falling. Metal framework, arena board floors for easy panel movement, and a powder coat finish are all details included with every storage stand built.


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