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Seacan Access Ramps

Seacan containers are commonly used outside facilities to store seasonal items or excess inventory. These storage units are usually blocked up off the ground to level the seacan and keep it raised above standing water or snow that could deteriorate the structure. Having these units blocked up and leveled creates an access issue as there is a large step to enter the storage unit. Access ramps are required to allow transport carts or bins to be able to enter or leave these units. These access ramps also pose slip hazards when wet or covered in snow. The latching mechanisms for the seacan doors also present an issue as they are located lower than the required height of the access ramp when trying to match the access ramp to the height of the seacan floor. Blue Diamond Equipment Innovations has designed an access ramp that addresses these access ramp issues. Serrated bar grating is used for the inclined top portion of the access ramp to eliminate slip hazards and not allow snow to accumulate on the ramp. 2 separate removeable metal plate extensions are used to fill the hole spaces left in the access ramp to allow for the seacan door latching bars to pass through. These metal plate extensions have grip tape strips installed on the top face of them to reduce slip hazards on these extension pieces. When access is required into the seacan, the seacan doors are opened and the extension plates put into place. Now the seacan can be loaded or unloaded using transport carts providing the transport cart wheels are large enough to roll over the serrated bar grating easily. Slip hazards are greatly reduced because of the serrated surface of the bar grating and the grip tape on the plate extensions. Trip hazards are eliminated because all holes exposed in the bar grating are covered by the plate extensions. Sturdy metal frame support structure used for every access ramp along with a powder coat paint finish.


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