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Ladder Tie Off Platform

A request was made to Blue Diamond Equipment Innovations Inc. to come look at an existing ladder tie off bracket, basically a “U” shape flat bar metal fastened to the wall, and come up with a better idea. During the site visit, (done during below freezing temperatures), one of the first things noted was the extreme hazard in trying to transition off the ladder onto the frost covered metal flashing of the building roof curb (parapet) before stepping onto the building roof. Between the slip hazard of the frost covered metal and trying to use the top end of the ladder as a stabilizer, the safety of the individual during this activity needed to be addressed. Blue Diamond Equipment Innovations Inc. came up with a design to eliminate these concerns. The platform has a serrated bar grating surface that provides traction yet does not accumulate ice or snow. The access ladder is set into a receiver section of the platform, the ladder ties off to the platform, then the individual can access the platform by simple stepping sideways from the ladder onto platform, then across the platform onto the building roof. There are no “twisting” steps or reaching around the ladder when moving on or off the ladder.


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