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Curling Area Column Mount Sitting Bench

Curling rinks require a means of allowing individuals using the ice surface to have a place to rest between throwing or sweeping their rocks during a game. Having this place to briefly rest is especially appreciated by curling groups that have mobility limited or elderly curlers within their organization. Curling ice maintenance personnel often do not want these additional obstacles to work around as it limits their ability to properly groom the and maintain the ice because equipment has to work around the legs of a bench with produces less than favorable ice conditions in that area. Blue Diamond Equipment Innovations has developed a sitting bench that end mounts to a metal column post, has no legs under it, and can handle the weight of up to 3 curlers sitting on the bench without it twisting or sagging. A separate frame is first attached to the column and then a material covered plywood bench seat is slid over the frame and secured to it. Duradeck house deck membrane was used to cover the bench seat in the pictures shown. Frame work is metal construction with a powder coat finish.


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