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Curling Ice Maintenance Machine Spare Blade Storage Rack

Curling ice requires constant shaving and scraping to keep its condition in top form. The ice shaving blades, and bracket that comes with them, are often heavy, awkward, and must be handled carefully due to the very sharp blade. Great care must also be taken handling these blade units not to mark or damage the shaving edge as any mark will greatly affect the quality of job this blade is intended for. Blue Diamond Equipment Innovations has developed a storage stand that is strong enough to handle the enormous weight of these blade units, neatly store them without the blade units touching each other, and improves blade inventory management by keeping dull and sharp blade units separated. Strong, square tube frame with powder coat finish, and adjustable feet to stabilize the rack on an uneven floor surface. Organized and neat storage providing a safe solution to maintaining this additional blade inventory.


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