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Curling Rock Storage Stand

New curling venues are becoming part of multi-use facilities now. No more are curling rinks used for curling, the area shut down for a period of time, and then reopened for the next season. Now, more and more, these vacant areas are being looked at as additional space for use for other activities. One major obstacle is what to do with the curling rocks when they are not being used. They are very heavy, but, equally, very delicate and expensive items to store. These curling rocks create unique and challenging management issues when it comes to storing them properly. Blue Diamond Equipment Innovations has designed a storage system that can handle the excessive weight of the curling rocks, yet, handle the rocks so no damage is sustained to them placing them in storage or removing them from storage for the upcoming season. Strong welded metal frame with plywood (cushion) insert boxes allow curling rocks to be stored on edge, with the handles removed, individually, in the storage stand. A “padded” curb on the front of storage stand protects curling rock from damage when placing in or removing them and acts as a retainer device. Each storage stand is capable of storing a complete set of 16 curling rocks. Adjustable feet allow entire stand to sit properly and safely on whatever surface they are being installed upon. Two wall anchor plates at the top back edge of each stand allow the stand to be anchored to a wall also. Stand stability is a major concern when over 700 lbs of curling rocks are contained in the storage stand. Metal frame is a powder coat finish with the plywood inserts having a solid color stain finish on the exterior sides. Bare wood finish on the interior side of insert boxes to eliminate finish residue attaching to the curling rocks.


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