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Overhead Door Panel Seal Clamp

Throughout facilities there are openings with overhead doors that are used on a seasonal basis only. These overhead doors create a walk space in the warm summer months but are closed during the winter season and never opened. The advantage of overhead doors is that, when they are opened, they provide an unobstructed opening with no swing doors to manage. The disadvantage of these overhead doors is that, because the door panels must be loose to move along the door seal, they leak air between the door panels and the door seal on windy days. This air migration can cause a cold draft situation just inside the door opening or, if the door is located next to curling sheets of ice, bad ice conditions on the ice sheet next to the door opening. Blue Diamond Equipment Innovations has developed a clamp system that mounts on the overhead door track and has two hand turn tighteners. One tightener can be turned out and applies pressure to the door panel holding it tightly against the door seal. The other tightener is tuned out against the wall surface next to the door opening and keeps the door track from bending sideways. It offsets the side pressure caused by the other tightener on the door panels. One of these door panel seal clamps is used on each end of each door panel. Once installed on each door panel of the overhead door, these door panel seal clamps allow very little to no air migration between the door panel and door seal.


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