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Portable Sports Field Boot Scraper

Wet sports fields all have the same issue, teams need to have a way to clean muddy cleats or footwear that develop during an activity. 3 sided boot scraper brushes do a wonderful job at addressing this problem but are never located in the proper area to be most effective. Blue Diamond Equipment Innovations has developed a portable metal plate base that bolts on under the scraper brush and holds the brush securely in place. It is heavy enough not to move when footwear is being cleaned yet light enough to pick up and transport to where the scraper brush would be most used. Beveled edges on metal base reduces footwear catching on base perimeter. Scraper brush can then be moved, when needed, to another location, or, moved into storage to preserve the scraper brush and remove the tripping hazard created by an unused scraper brush. Base painted safety yellow for better visibility and awareness of where scraper is located during sports field activities.


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