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Soccer Net Lift Aid

Blue Diamond Equipment Innovations was asked to come up with a solution to a moving issue that was being faced by outdoor soccer field maintenance operators. Some of the smaller operators were having difficulty lifting the soccer net frames, and while holding the lifted frames, try to flip the transport wheels that are part of the net structure to either be moved or to allow the frame to then rest on the ground. This requirement to have the soccer nets ready for use was causing concern because the individual was lifting a heavy weight and then bending over and trying to reach the transport wheel while holding this weight, to complete the task. Possible back and shoulder injuries caused by this action were a concern to operators. Blue Diamond Equipment Innovations designed the “Soccer Net Lift Aid” to aid in reducing or possibly eliminating the chances of injury caused by this required chore to have the soccer nets ready for use. The lift aid is placed under the soccer net frame, and then the operator only needs to step down on the enlarged slip resistant foot pad and pull back on the handle to easily lift the soccer net frame high enough to move each transport wheel either into the transport position or flipped up so the net frame rests on the ground. The operator can remain standing on the foot pad and pulling on the handle and still have either one foot or hand to move the transport wheel arm.


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