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Sports Flooring Stair Caps

Rubber sports flooring is used throughout the majority of all facilities. Ice rink and skating areas require it to keep skate blades from being damaged. In many circumstances, there are stairs that require the sports flooring to be installed upon them. Installing sports flooring on a set of stairs has some issues. To finish the installation, rubber nosings are usually installed on the end of each step, on top of the sports flooring, to cover any exposed sports flooring edges. These rubber nosings create a smaller surface area, on the top side of each step, to step upon and create a trip hazard, especially for small children, trying to navigate the stairs in skates. Blue Diamond Equipment Innovations has developed a clamp system that can take a piece of sports flooring and forms it to wrap over the end of the stair step and make a smooth surface stair cap. This stair cap finishes off the sports floor installation and there is no trip hazard created because the stair thread area is one level. Having this uniform surface level also creates a larger stair thread area on which to step upon. These stairs caps can be made into whatever size is required up to1 metre lengths.


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