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Roof Access Ladders and Platforms

Many existing commercial flat roof buildings today have a common problem. Access to different roof levels on top of the same building facility can cause safety issues when access is needed from one level to the next. Pulling a ladder up the building wall is both dangerous and unpractical. Storing ladders on top of buildings still brings up issues of ladder deterioration, roof membrane damage, or ladders being set up on icy base surfaces and not tied off. Blue Diamond Equipment Innovations Inc. has come up with a revolutionary design that allows a ladder and platform to be installed on an existing roof top without the worry of the previous mentioned issues. Platform and ladder, once bolted together form a strong stable unit that holds up to repeated use. The Blue Diamond Equipment Innovations Inc. platform and ladder unit also has another very unique feature. Many of the existing roof tops requiring additional ladder and platform units contain structural issues that won’t allow a ladder or platform to be attached to the building structure. The Blue Diamond Equipment Innovations Inc. ladder and platform unit are self supporting and do not need to be anchored to the building. The design holds the ladder and platform in place, plus, both the ladder base and the platform are anchored to precast concrete sidewalk slabs as an added safety feature. These sidewalk slabs also extend beyond the platform and ladder base and act as a guard against spot wear damage to the roof membrane. The ladder and platform unit can also be easily removed and put back into place if a roof membrane replacement is required. Units are individually built to match a customer’s requirements and very strict quality control standards are used in their construction.


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